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  • Are you a hypocrite? Or just a human? Are you a hypocrite? Or just a human?
    March 15, 2018 by
    I think I just might be the most anti-social extrovert there ever was. As much as I love to be around people, and am totally energized in groups, at events and parties and whatnot, I never feel “open” to talking to strangers in coffee shops, on airplanes, […]...
  • Enough is Enough with Feeling "Not Enough" Enough is Enough with Feeling “Not Enough”
    February 15, 2018 by
    As the fifteen women shuffled in, nervously, awkwardly, some excitedly, some quietly, some chattering, hugging. Shifting into seats, we took some minutes to settle into the room and the circle before beginning our workshop. I began by passing out blank sheets of paper and asking each woman […]...
  • Self-Love and Insecurities: This is Where I Am. Self-Love and Insecurities: This is Where I Am.
    February 8, 2018 by
    Show me the most beautiful, powerful, successful, actualized, amazing woman in the world, and I’ll show you a woman who sometimes struggles with insecurities. We all face the darker side of our own feelings about ourselves from time to time, no matter who we are or how […]...

Soul Provocateur, Professional Instigator, Devout Sensualist, Emergence Coach…

I get off on connecting: connecting to people, connecting people with other people and connecting people to themselves.

I’ve been a Life Purpose Coach, workshop facilitator, writer, burlesque group director and dancer, producer, marketing maven, community builder and overall fanatic of life.

My life took a crazy turn once I performed a burlesque strip tease for 500 people… long story… funny the way things work.

I realized just how brave and powerful I was, and that I was capable of anything.

I wanted to bottle and sell what I had tapped into.

Alas, SacredSexyU was born…

I think life is supposed to be exciting, sexy, passionate and fun.

The body’s a mirror of heaven: Its energies make angels jealous. Our purity astounds seraphim. Devils shiver at our nerve. – Rumi

If you’d like to schedule a one on one coaching session with me or take part in one of our many SacredSexyU events, check out our events page or contact me with questions.

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