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  • You Can Be Satisfied AND Want More You Can Be Satisfied AND Want More
    November 29, 2017 by
    Every time I think of “wanting it all”, I think of the petulant, spoiled-to-the-core brat of Willie Wonka fame, Veruca Salt. She’s an extreme example of wanting. Spoiled, recklessly self-absorbed, and we all know what happens to her. She faces her unfortunate demise when she falls down the […]...
  • Are you a "Ho-ho-ho", a "Ho-hum", or a "Bah-Humbug"? Are you a “Ho-ho-ho”, a “Ho-hum”, or a “Bah-Humbug”?
    November 22, 2017 by
    There are three types of us, it seems, when the holiday season rolls around… which are you? The Ho Ho Ho – Overflowing with holiday cheer, the Ho Ho Ho loves to decorate, shop, wrap, and really revels in the joys and sensory pleasures of the holiday spirit. […]...
  • A Double-Spaced Life A Double-Spaced Life
    November 10, 2017 by
    I’d been doing it unconsciously for the last few weeks. And the other day I noticed. I looked at my hand-written to-do list for the day, and between every task listed was a blank line. I’d skipped a space between every list item. Interesting, I thought. And […]...

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