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  • You will never be free, if you don't do this. You will never be free, if you don’t do this.
    September 22, 2016 by
    I think its pretty safe to say, we all enjoy freedom. We all want to feel free. Feeling imprisoned, trapped, meh, not really our thing. I know for me, freedom has been a number one value, for many, many years. My top Core Desired Feeling is freedom. […]...
  • The Truth About Changing The Truth About Changing
    September 16, 2016 by
    “Nothing happens, and nothing happens, and then everything happens.” – Fay Weldon There’s a recent shifting, a new understanding in me that has basically turned my world on its head. It’s challenged everything I thought about life, about change, about habits and healing. It has turned my business beliefs upside […]...
  • Stop trying to be fearless. Stop trying to be fearless.
    August 18, 2016 by
      Fearlessness is total bullshit. There. I said it. I have yet to meet someone who is fearless. If they claim to be, well, they’re either hiding it, or sleepwalking through life. And here’s a confession: I nearly cringe when someone calls me “fearless.” And another: I’m […]...

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