90 Days to Your Emergence – Private Coaching Programs

What would your life be like, 90 days from now, if you had this kind of one-on-one support?

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Everything you need, everything you will ever create,
everything you long to be is already within you. Let me help you emerge.

A Customized Private Coaching Program with Lisa Carmen

Is this Program right for you?

Take this quick quiz to find out. If you answer more than four of these questions with a YES, let’s talk.



Yes or No…

  • Feel like you are stuck between where you used to be and where you want to be?

  • Want to feel more vibrant, peaceful, connected and energized?

  • Yearning to heal your relationship to your body, your soul, your spirit, your sensuality or your life in general?

  • Wondering why on earth you’re here?

  • Does your life feel like you are on an indefinite layover in the airport of life?

  • Do you sense there is more to life than you’re experiencing?

  • Are you facing a transition that’s got you questioning everything?

  • Do you feel lost, overwhelmed or uncertain about your Life’s Purpose?

  • Are you going in a lot of directions at once- or no direction at all?hopeless___by_c31marius-d62ykk0

  • Sense there’s something bigger, better, badder… just around the corner, and are ready to discover it?

  • Wanting MORE, even if you aren’t sure exactly what it is you want more of?

  • Burning and yearning to take the leap, do the deed, make it happen, shift or get off the pot, rock and roll, leap, lunge, or lift-off into your future?

  • Do you thrive in the loving space of intuitive, compassionate, motivating and inspiring one-on-one, woman to woman support and accountability?


00-0317a-real-LOVETally your score; four or more?

Your time has come to EMERGE.


In your fully-customized 90 Day Program, together, we will:

  • Ignite your deepest desires and longings

  • Uncover, discover and recover your inner truths about why you are here and what part of you is emerging

  • Create a strategic plan to create a life of purpose that excites and titillates you.

  • Strengthen your confidence by taking supported action and risks

  • Begin to immediately live your higher vision, like never before.

  • Develop and strengthen your inner Emergence Tools: intuition, desire, surrender, action and alignment

  • Implement clear and simple practices that will support your emergence and keep you on track and accountable to the Life that wants to be lived through you

  • Call out your limitations and self-sabotaging behaviors and release their hold on your life

  • Make magic, manifest miracles and amplify the limitless power within you

  • Be supported and witnessed in a one-on-one, as you bring forth the next version of you

  • Create a more wildly satisfying, deeply sacred, passionate life, full of joy, pleasure and your deepest desires, actualized.

 You don’t have to feel lost or stuck anymore.

Everything you need, everything you will ever create, everything you long to be is already in you.  Let me help you emerge. My 90-Day Emergence Coaching Programs are designed to strengthen you, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, so that you can have a strong, powerfully grounded foundation, so that you can go do what you are here to do!

Begin wherever you are. Choose your pace. Choose your Emergence Track.

This program is customized just for you, meeting you exactly where you are and helping you get to where you want to be.

Why 90 Days?

6403080-199x30090 day periods have been identified by researchers, coaches, habit specialists and others who study human potential as an ideal frame of time for getting clear and making serious progress, when supported properly.

Starting NOW, you are already emerging into the next version of you. How ELSE do you think you ended up on this page?

In our 90 days together, you will make dramatic and measurable changes in your life. You will discover and clarify your desires, and map your path to get to them. You will identify the obstacles that have held you back, the limitations you have constructed, the ways you cut yourself short and we will work together on shrinking them, transforming them, or eliminating them altogether.

You will bring forth what is ready to emerge from within. And I will help you.

Intrigued? Keep reading…

“Epiphanies are the booby prize.” So says the joke. I don’t completely agree, but I get it.

All the epiphanies in the world will not create the change you seek, will not bring forth your best, will not do the work required or create the new habits. Epiphanies are great, and you’ll have many. But then what?

As you emerge, mindful, consistent maintenance and cultivation of new patterns, new habits, maybe even new crowds and past-times will be required.

Epiphanies are important, don’t get me wrong. And we’ll have many together. But they are only the beginning.

As you move forward into your emergence, proper support is needed so that you do not fall back into old outdated patterns, habits and thought-processes that no longer serve you.


As a 90 Days to Your Emergence Client, you’ll experience:

  1. Weekly 45-minute private Coaching Calls scheduled at your convenience with me 

  2. Complimentary admission to monthly circles, dance workshops and more, during the course of your program ($20 max per event, or $20 credit toward any events/workshops during your program!)

  3. A fully-customized Emergence Home Study Course, specifically for your chosen Emergence Track, to work through at your own pace, with weekly activities and assignments to allow you to go deep and go big during our 90-days.

  4. Ongoing e-mail/chat access to me during your coaching program 

Your price: $1400 or 3 monthly payments of $500.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Step One: Choose your Emergence Track

I’ll help you choose the Track that’s right for you, or let your inner guidance lead you…

Track One – Holy Hotness: Body acceptance, self-esteem and confidence, sexuality, integration of sexuality and spirituality, physical health and wellnessNancie-Carmichael-photo-of-woman-with-hand-on-heart-300x336

Track Two – Brilliant Success: Business, big dreams, money, entrepreneurial, abundance and prosperity, career change & satisfaction

Track Three – Passionate Purpose: Discovery of why you are here, creating a life fully aligned with your purpose, rediscover your gifts, talents and desires

Track Four – Life Luster: Overall personal excellence, goals, dreams, creativity, balance, joy, peace, ease. This can also be a hybrid of other Tracks as well.


Step Two: Choose your payment plan

Option One – Your investment for the pay in full, 90 Day Program is $1400.


Option Two: Three month payment plan: I also offer a 3-Pay option of $500 per month, payable 30 days apart.

Are you ready for your emergence?

I am ready to work with you!

Investing in this program is a priceless investment in you.

I have space for 3 new clients a month, and I would love for you to become one of them by joining me this month.

free-from-the-pastImagine what we can do together, during the next 90 days to get you moving, feeling great, making progress and seeing amazing results in your life.

Imagine what your life will feel like when you emerge into the next version of you that is ready for you to say YES.

You are the ultimate expert on you, and only you know if this is right for you.


If it is right, I am ready to whole-heartedly to support you in Your Emergence. The next step is YES.

When you hire me as your coach, you will receive so much more than has been listed here!

Working with me as your coach and mentor provides the benefits of receiving my attentive, intuitive support and insight, as well as accountability, consistency, guidance and ongoing training. The ripple effects of your decision will affect your life deeply, for the rest of your life.

Yes! I am ready to Emerge!

Payment Plan One– Pay $1400 in full and save.


Payment Plan Two – Three monthly payments of $500 each, billed 30 days apart after first payment.

Your agreement upon purchase: “I understand that I am being offered a payment plan of 3 months and that this is an agreement between myself and Lisa Carmen LLC in which this entity will be financing me. My commitment upon signing up is to the entire 90-Day Program, and I will fulfill my financial obligation as such. I understand that this is not a pay-by-the-month or month-to-month program. My payment to Lisa Carmen LLC signifies my agreement.”

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Committing to this program is a serious investment of your time, energy and money. Refunds are not available, however, if it makes sense to change course, a pro-rated portion of your investment can be credited toward other programs or services.

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