More, Please.


Show me a hundred people and I bet I can show you 95 of them or so who will say 2016 has been a rough one. It came with its blessings and gifts, of course, but it also brought a seemingly higher proportion of loss, tragedy, difficulties, and pain than your average year. At times, it’s been brutal. And it’s ending.

I am ready to kiss this year good-bye.

I am ready to make some new commitments and strengthen the ones I have in place.

I am ready to be more, have more and feel more of what I want to feel.

I’ve decided. I want this brand new, shining year ahead to be My Year of More.

What about you?

There is much to kiss goodbye to as we wrap up this year.

And so much to experience more of.

I’m done with New Year’s Resolutions that feel forceful, like what I should be wanting or doing. Research shows us, they don’t work.

I’m done with New Year’s Resolutions that come from anywhere outside of me.

I’m actually done with the term “New Year’s Resolutions” altogether. I’m tapping into something different this year. My own, innate, personalized More-Core.

You have one, too. Deep within you, there lives a blueprint of what you truly desire, a solid and totally-unique, totally-YOURS, set of desires that point you in the direction of More.

You don’t have to search for it. It’s already there. You just have to turn to it.

Here’s how to access your More-Core. Grab a pen and paper. Answer these questions:

  1. What feelings do I want to feel more of?
  2. What experiences would support me in cultivating more of these feelings?
  3. What activities, choices, practices or people would support me in cultivating more of these feelings?
  4. What would I need less of, in order to create space for more?

And then, it begins. Once you get clear about what you want, you can’t unknow it.

Here are two misconceptions about wanting more that I come across often…

  • If I want more, it means I am dissatisfied with what I have, and what I have is enough.
  • It’s greedy, ungrateful or selfish to want more. I should concentrate on being content, instead.

It is possible to be grateful and content while wanting more. In fact, it’s imperative to our well-being to acknowledge and tend to our desires. Desire is fuel. Desire is guidance for your journey. Desire is data. And wanting more does not diminish gratitude! It’s quite possible (and a yummy place to live!) to be in both desire and gratitude. One does not cancel out the other. In fact, it’s our denying our desires that gets us into trouble.

You can love your life and want more. (I blogged about this very thing last year.)

Go on, want MORE. I dare you.

Find a buddy, a coach, a group, for accountability, for support, for love as you manifest MORE this year.

You do not have to be anything you aren’t. This isn’t about becoming someone else.

Let 2017 be the year you become MORE of who you are, the year you grace the world with MORE of what you are here to express, and experience MORE of what it is you want.

What do you say?

Ready for more? I know I am.



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And how are those thoughts working out for ya?

There was a time in my life that I was unaware of the power I have over choosing my own thoughts. Assuming thoughts were in charge, I was constantly bombarded with endless loops of thoughts that didn’t always serve me, in fact, many of them diminished my power and cut off my connection to ease, flow and abundance.

Simply put, these thoughts don’t feel good.

Then I realized that I actually get to choose them. That I don’t have to be slave to every fear, insecurity and worry that pops into my head.

My mind, when left unsupervised, loves to worry. About anything. Everything, You name it.

What I am getting better at doing now is catching myself pretty quickly, when an onslaught of fearful thoughts invites itself into my head. I call on the wiser, higher version of me, who responds “I don’t want to think fearful thoughts right now. I trust you, Divine Source, and everything is unfolding as it should. I am taken care of and in this moment I need nothing. What would I rather think about?” And then I entertain thoughts of what it will be like if everything goes right.  How nice it will be when I have more than enough money, success, good dental care.

I daydream about my happy relationship, our future dream home, my daughter’s exciting future unfolding. I imagine myself  driving a nice gently used car,  I think about the next level of my career, and all of the other wonderful things that lie ahead for me.

Or, sometimes I simply reroute into a gratitude conversation in my head, thanking the benevolent Universe that supports me, for all of my blessings, large and small.

My lower, smaller version of me (I call her Scaredy Girl) wants to return to fearful thoughts. She loves to worry. She loves to obsess… Tries to regain her control over my mind. She even dares to interrupt and hijack my happy thoughts with worrisome ones! She likes to start sentences with “Yeah but what if…”

Then the higher, wiser version of me (I call her Magnificent Me) can corral her in, shift gears and focus on gratitude, instead. Dreams, desires, and all the countless blessings I can enjoy in this moment. They go back and forth a little bit. It’s pretty exciting, up in my head sometimes. It’s a practice. Which means I have to practice it.

What I trust is that as I continue to shift my thinking, consciously deciding what I choose to focus on, it will get easier, and more natural to simply focus on those things, without even having to “shift!”

If you’re finding yourself a “slave” to your fearful thoughts, call on that higher version of you: the version that trusts, that knows, that believes. Let her take control of your thoughts. Ask yourself what you would rather think about, in this moment. Shift your gears. Think of your inner GPS system… RE-ROUTING.

We are the masters of our minds. And the thoughts we choose determine the reality we experience. It’s that simple.

What thoughts do you want to have? What reality do you want to experience?

Come Back to the Circle

Accessible to you, accessible to me, at any given time, is a circle of abundance and plenty.

The circle turns, moving with grace and ease, we give, we receive, we give, we receive. There is room for everyone in the circle. Anyone who chooses to be in the circle has a place in circle. Take your place.

Money, success, ease, gracious flow of plenty is here for us. We move in the natural and perfect rhythm in this limitless, boundless and beautiful circle of abundance.

And then, sometimes, we trip. We lose our footing. Scarcity thoughts sneak in and instead of quickly moving them out, we engage them, entertaining them…

– There’s not enough.
– I must protect what’s mine.
– How will I survive?
– I’m scared.

When we lose our footing, when we step out of the circle, it’s a colder, less friendly place. The sun doesn’t shine as bright. The money doesn’t flow as easily. We experience struggle. We experience lack. It feels lonelier outside of the circle. We are skeptical. We are stingier. We are afraid, all the time.

The solution is more simple than we even realize.

All we need to do to step back into the circle is step back into the circle.

When you fall out of that rhythm of flow and ease, all you have to do is step back in. Your spot in the limitless circle of abundance waits for you. As does mine. It’s where we belong. It’s where we were designed to be.

Let’s step back in. Just like that.

I choose to step back into the circle of abundance. I choose ease. I choose trust. I choose support. I choose flow. I choose plenty.

It’s as simple as that. Step back in.