Down & Dirty: Focus Sessions

down and dirty focus sesssions

small4Sometimes you need support in a very focused way, for very specific reasons.

Something keeps coming up, again and again, and try as you might, you just can’t seem to get past small1certain blocks or patterns.

You want a breakthrough. 

A new way of navigating your life.

I’ve designed my new Down & Dirty Focus Sessions for exactly that purpose.

small2Change is possible and in a short time, shifts can be dramatic and lasting, with the right support and inspiration.

Things really can be different.

Let’s get Down & Dirty.

We’ll use tried and tested coaching tools, experiential exercises, powerful guided meditations, ritual and symbolism, brainstorming, mindmapping, and other exciting activities and creative alternatives to approach and SHIFT your life in your focused area.

Focus Session options include…

  • Why on Earth am I Here? Your Life Purpose, Made Easy

  • Fear, Resistance and Excuses: Break on Through to the Other Side 

  • Self-Sabotage No More: Get Out of Your Own Way 

  • From Idea to Reality: Birth Your Dream in Life or Business 

  • This is Not What I Signed Up For: Unsatisfied, Frustrated, Stuck 

  • No More Nice Girl: Stand Up for Your Life, Get What You Want 

  • From Confusion to Clarity: Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

These one-on-one, private, customized sessions will knock loose the stuckness, throw open the windows and let in the fresh air.

Your session will set you on your way, in the direction you desire, with new tools, a fresh outlook, sound, intuitive guidance and plenty of encouragement and support.

WHEN: Schedule at your convenience, allow 1.5 – 2 hours.

WHERE: Facebook video chat or phone.

COST: $269 Special Launch Price of $169 for the first TEN respondents! Only FIVE specially priced sessions left! Save $100!

Bonus! Each session also comes with a 30 minute complimentary follow-up session, to be scheduled 2-4 weeks after your Focus Session! ALSO, if you decide to upgrade into one of my 90-day programs during our Focus Session, your Focus Session payment will be directly applied as a discount to your package! That means your Focus Session would be FREE.

What my clients are saying…

“I walked away feeling freedom I haven’t in a long time. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. I’m eternally grateful.” – J.W.

“Lisa has been so instrumental in this with all the tools she’s given me. Everyday I feel I am more of who I was always supposed to be, and everyday I give thanks for your directional arrows.” – N.S.

“Feeling: inspired, recharged, determined, confident, thankful, hopeful and many other things. I know how important your work is because without you, I really don’t think I would be in the place that I am now. I feel amazingly confident in my body, sexuality and sensuality for the first time in a long time.” – P.P.

Are you ready for a real solutions, big shifts and a new way? Let’s do this!


Step One: Purchase here.

Step Two: Schedule here.

Once you’ve signed up and scheduled, I’ll be sending you some preliminary questions. I can’t wait to get Down & Dirty with you!

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