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Burlesque About Town guest, with Amy Green


Living Weal guest, with Keisha Clark



You So Got This guest, with Laura Klekar

Girl Power Half Hour guest, with Annette Bingham

Everything Positive Radio guest, with Burlesque Experience Alumni

Everything Positive Radio guest, on Spiritual Journeys Radio Network



“What Is the Power of “Ugly” Dancing and Sacred Sexuality?” on Emily the Muse, Enlumnia Radio Network

“Life Purpose Coach, burlesque dancer, and overall authenticity fanatic, Lisa Carmen is one “perfectly imperfect almost-40 goddess” with a passion for re-connecting sexuality with spirituality and people with themselves. Listen in on Emily and Lisa’s refreshing and wild conversation as they cover everything from surprising relationship choices to “ugly” dancing to SacredSexyU!”




Bringing Sexy Back: Dallas Women Relearn Mojo, story by Shana Franklin, WB33 TV

Miracle Readiness, interview with Megan Monique


Web Stories & Articles


Photo by Dee Hill, hair/makeup by Vivienne Vermuth
Photo by Dee Hill, hair/makeup by Vivienne Vermuth

Jules Rules: The Burlesque Experience by Jules Strawberry, aka Jislana Lanerex

“You will be stripping on stage in front of 250 people,” Lisa told the Burlesque Experience class.

Approximately my age, Lisa has long black hair with short bangs and a pretty face.  She always wears sexy clothes and is quick to smile or share a hug.  She is, simply, a joy to be around.

“Wait, what?  The website said that we could remove clothes, to our comfort level.  That means that we don’t have to strip all the way, right?” one of my classmates asked…



421831_338993542819692_1842163304_n Convivial Confessional: Admiration for Every Emotion by Cheryl Chavarria

Last week in Dallas, I attended SacredSexyU: The Retreat – Enchanted, an all day intensive workshop with my friend and business coach, Lisa Carmen of the site

She did a fantastic job of leading a group of 15 women through several activities that stirred the soul and aroused the mind…”

“Up” Your Convivial Game: 3 Part Series by Cheryl Chavarria


megan-monique-banner-2Crossing the Fiery Threshold by Megan Monique

“On Saturday I attended a one night Goddess retreat hosted by Lisa Carmen of SacredSexyU in Boyd, Texas at A Day Away Retreat. We were honoring the Hawaiian Goddess Pele..”



Lisa Carmen: Pin Curl Magazine Feature by Divertida Devochka

Dallas burlesque instructor and enthusiast Lisa Carmen talks being a ham, the Burlesque Experience, being “everybody’s cheerleader”, and stripping like you mean it…”


crave_header_master_drink_aParty Planning/Event Planning Feature on by Melissa Brenner





Photo by Dee Hill
Photo by Dee Hill

Dancing in Graveyard video by Dee Hill



The Burlesque Experience video by Dee Hill

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