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If It Feels Good…

tumblr_n8h069Wk6V1qc64bxo1_250As I sit down to write this morning, the steady rhythm of a rain shower as my background music, I open wide my office French doors in order to take it in, to breathe in the sweet summer air and better hear the rain song, I think “this is what she’s talking about.”

Who is she, you ask? And what is she talking about? Dr. Christine Northrup, and I’m reading her latest book, “Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being” and it’s a game-changer.

I have innately known, for my whole life, really, that pleasure is my birthright. However, it’s easy to forget what we innately know. Especially when truth is indoctrinated out of us!

I’ve been contemplating pleasure as a spiritual path for years, ever since I gave up the tired and unpleasant notion that my capacity for pleasure and my spirituality were two separate things, that “pleasures of the flesh” as they called them in church was another term for “sin.” Slowly but surely, I began to return to what I know to be true:

I am wired for pleasure.

Pleasure is my prescription for health and vitality.

There is nothing sinful about feeling good.

There is nothing shameful about feeling sexy.

Dr. Northrup says…

“Denying and demonizing pleasure has caused too many women (and men) to doubt our natural instincts that tell us that when we feel good in our bodies and hearts, we overflow with joy and abundance that spills out onto other people. Our cup runneth over, and it keeps getting refilled with pleasure, when we reconnect to Spirit.”

And then there is the science to back up our miraculous design.The biochemistry of pleasure counteracts the biochemistry of aging.

Nitric oxide (not to be confused with nitrous) is THE Grand Poo-bah of neurotransmitters and it increases and balances all of the others… oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, DMT, all of these brilliantly designed chemicals that flow through us… when we feel good.

We need these chemicals in us to feel good.

And when we laugh, when we connect, when we orgasm, when we are feeling pleasure, more nitric oxide is produced, creating more of the other chemicals that create vitality, health and happiness.

We are wired for pleasure.

Happiness (with pleasure as a proven path!) is crucial for vibrant health. Pleasure is not selfish. It’s a gift. It’s medicine. It’s necessary.

Northrup goes on to say…

“Find pleasure in your body, not just sexually, but sensually. Truly delight in tastes, sights, smells, sounds and tactile sensations such as the deep touch of a massage or the light touch of soft fabric or a feather against your skin…

Our bodies are actually designed to thrive and repair themselves through the earthly pleasure of being in a body.”

Wow. I just love this stuff… Fellow hedonists and pleasure-seekers, does this give us permission to dive face-first into our hedonism, bingeing on fattening unhealthy foods, alcohol and drugs, in the pursuit of pleasure? Sure, why not, right? Ummm…

Here’s why not: Too much of these standard pleasurable go-tos at have a counter-effect on our bodies when ingested in excess.

We all know what happens to our bodies with an excess of sugary or fatty foods. And yes, alcohol makes us feel good for a short-term, but too much alcohol over time dulls our bodies’ pathways and actually diminishes our system’s ability to create dopamine and other natural pleasure-chemicals. So we feel shittier when we’re sober, which makes us want to drink more, for that cheap and quick, though fleeting, relief.  Regular and excessive alcohol use also has the vicious-cycle affect of inflammation and oxidation, which are the sources of most pain, ailments and aging symptoms.  Am I suggesting you quit using these pleasurable substances altogether, and go ‘au natural’ in your pleasure-seeking? Only if that’s what you’re feeling called toward.

What I am suggesting is that both you and me crank up the dial on our intention to mindfully seek opportunities for pleasure. From the mundane and everyday rituals to the extreme peak experiences.

More intentional, healthy pleasure, YES!

I’ve committed to three acts of pleasure each morning before starting my workday.  And oh, what fun I had this morning. Within a half hour, I had given myself a mini-aromatherapy session with lavender oil (proven to increase feelings of happiness and well-being), danced to a few of my favorite dance songs, and had a short and very sweet private session with myself and a few toe-curling moments.. yeah, that’s pleasure, all right! Ain’t no shame!

I’m simply taking Dr. Northrup’s professional medical advice very seriously!

“My prescription for general health is to experience more pleasure… We have forgotten the importance of pleasure and we need to remember how to experience it regularly- as a daily part of life.”

Will you join me, and commit to three acts of pleasure before you get your day rolling each morning? A conspiracy of pleasure! For our health?! Hell yeah!

No more holding back from pleasure. It’s our birthright. It’s science. It’s our prescription. Doctor’s orders.

Let’s get it on!


I want to hear from you! Share your three pleasures today in the comments below!

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