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In 2016, I Wish for You…

1916673_10153429795793473_2230011888267446567_nHello, bright shining one!

It’s that time of year, where we are inspired to make changes, to take action and commit to creating the lives we want. I know I am motivated and inspired, as I am every year, to make some big shifts.

I’ve been thinking about you. About us. About 2016. I have some wishes for you in 2016.

My wish is that this will be a year not of you changing yourself into someone new, but that from within you will EMERGE the truest, strongest, most powerful and radiant version of yourself that you have ever been, at your life’s natural, organic pace.

My wish is not that you “raise your vibration” to become some perfect, super-human version of yourself, but that you instead practice being present to the exact moment that is. YOU, at any vibration, are divine.

My wish for you is that you become “sacredly selfish” with your energy, and that you release any energies you picked up along the way that are not yours.

My wish is that you commit to become the purest, truest expression of YOU that you can be, in every area of your life, and that your tolerance for faking it or going through the motions diminishes completely.

My wish is not that you transform your body from a place of violence or cruelty or loathing toward the body you already have, but that you commit to loving your body exactly as it is, while you shower it with loving care and nurturing, and develop new habits from a place of self-compassion and not hatred or violence.

My wish for you is that you release yourself from any self-imposed imprisonment that has held you bound in any way. You have suffered long enough. You are free.

My wish for you is that some of the love you so freely give to others will be turned toward your lovely, worthy, imperfect, gorgeous, deserving self, and that you will fall in love with yourself in new and delicious ways this year, like never before.

My wish for you is that you will take your dream, you know the dream I’m talking about, and allow it to gestate it to full-term, and when it is ready to be born, you will push, you will labor, you’ll release it in the most natural and inspiring ways, and bring it into reality.

My wish for you is that you embrace the beautiful truth that there is nothing wrong with you and you are enough. You are not damaged. You are not broken. You are exactly who you are meant to be in this moment. Your job is not to fix yourself. Your invitation is always to unfold. To heal. To emerge.

May this year be the best one of your life, so far.

I can’t wait to support you, in whatever way that may be!

With overflowing love,

P.S. I made a gift for you- it’s my New Year’s Game, for you and yours- download and print and share it this holiday with the one’s you love! Get your game here. Enjoy!

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