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Let’s Get Naked.

1936322_173245293472_3785284_n“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.”
– Brene Brown

Last night, I began a new session of the Burlesque Experience, with thirteen brand new students. In the opening circle we start every semester with, we go around and the women share why they are there, why they have invested their time, energy and money, what brought them to the Experience.

It’s always exciting and a little anxious, there is nervous laughter and friendly banter and an opening up starts to happen… and there is always crying.

The first person who starts to cry will usually try to choke back the tears, usually apologizing, sometimes fanning her face in that gesture we do to send those unbidden, unexpected tears back into our heads.

And then I urge her… Give yourself permission to cry. When you do, you open the door for all of us.

Immediately, magically, when she gives herself permission to cry, there is deeper transparency and authenticity in the circle. Every time.

I want nothing more from my work than to create a safe place for people to get naked. I just had the soul-tingling experience of realizing that this is paramount to my life’s work. Getting naked together.

We are all scared. We all have wounds. Let’s stop pretending. Let’s stop hiding.

Let the tears fall. We all need a safe place to get naked.

I am not a sadist. I do not enjoy seeing people cry. But I have to admit, when someone cries in my presence, there is an opening that occurs in my heart, and a flood of love and appreciation flows from me, into the world.

As many of you reading this are aware, a giant part of the work I do is helping women get naked.

The Burlesque Experience is a six-week journey that culminates into a beautiful, magical show, and yes, each woman gets up on that stage in front of a couple hundred cheering people, and strips for them. As you can imagine, it’s downright petrifying and beautiful and amazing.

As they cheer and hoot and holler, she undresses, she teases, she beguiles, she amuses, she entertains.

But there is something going on that’s much deeper, it’s kind of a secret, actually…

Getting naked is healing work. Whether you’re taking off your clothes and showing an audience your glorious, amazing body, or you are shedding a mask, letting tears fall, showing your soul, revealing the soft tender parts of you that have been hidden.

Stripping for an audience the first time is a life-changing event that puts you in control of your life, your energy, your body in a terrifying and exhilarating way. It makes you vulnerable. It makes you beautiful.

I have the honor of supporting women through this process, but the more I think of it now, the more I realize, there’s nothing I love more than getting naked with people and seeing them get naked, both physically and metaphysically.

Let’s get naked.

I’m not talking about taking off our clothes. (Although you know I fully support that, as described above.)

I’m talking about taking off our masks.

I’m talking about taking off our costumes, you know… the ones we wear all the day, to get through life, to do our jobs.

To survive in this dangerously challenging world… The masks and disguises we created to stay safe, to avoid vulnerability.

So why do I secretly bask in the energy that is created when someone cries in my presence?

Because they are getting naked. And that’s sexy.

Because they are being brave. And that’s magical.

Because they are revealing their hearts, their souls. And although I love the thrill of burlesque and a good old fashioned striptease, I’m much more interested in a different kind of strip.

The stripping away of masks, of fronts, of costumes and disguises.

Let’s get naked, eh? You can leave your clothes on, but show me your soul.

Because vulnerability is beautiful and you’re sexiest when you’re real.




photo by Dee Hill Photography



  1. Such sacred work you are doing, Lisa. And this post just reinforces that. Love it and love you! xox

  2. Lisa,

    I love your message! Sometimes when someone will ask me “how are you?” I allow myself to be naked and reply “not well”.

    Great work Lisa.

  3. Lisa,
    You are amazing and no truer words could have been shared. I am proud to say I was one that cried in the circle. But thanks to you and what you do to help women, I was able to stand tall in the end and let so much pain fly through the air during the moment of my reveal. What you do IS life changing!

    We are all becoming something beautiful and thank you for giving us that launching pad!

    Love you big!

  4. We must remember that there are those who may privately yearn to be naked, but need a little help undressing!

  5. BRAVO!! I love the words you’ve wrangled to express the power resulting from getting naked. Thank you for guiding me and others so graciously!

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