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busy-mom-cropped“I used to have interests and passions and a life.
I miss that.”

“I don’t have time to even shower sometimes, much less make time for having my own life.”

“I feel guilty when I spend time doing things for me. Like a bad mom.”

“It seems like other moms have it all together, and I’m a hot mess. I don’t know how they do it.

Sound familiar? Today’s busy mom often feels pulled in a thousand directions, and ends up with little to nothing left for herself. It truly doesn’t have to be this way.

Life Coach, Lisa Carmen, has hope and help for you, and you don’t have to wait until the kids move out!

In this inspiring and engaging workshop you will…

  • Understand why self-care is not a novelty but is critical, to be the mom you want to be.
  • Reconnect with all that you are, in addition to being mama.
  • Learn valuable and simple tools for making space in your life for you.
  • Get crystal clear about what want, and how to make it a priority, starting now.
  • Create an action plan for igniting your life and fueling your passions, while raising kids!

Lisa Carmen has been coaching and facilitating workshops and events for women in Dallas for 18 years. She is the proud mama of grown daughter Madelyn, and has stayed close to the challenges and triumphs of parenting by supporting moms everyday in her life coaching practice, special events and programs.

Thursday, 6/1/17, 7-9p
Le Ballet
2613 N. Carroll
Dallas TX 75214

$10 for LeBallet members, $15 for others.

Pre-registration is required. Register here:

LeBallet Members Registration $10           


Guest Registration $15



Presented by…

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This workshop is the first in a series brought to you by our new network, MommyTime @ Le Ballet.

MommyTime @ Le Ballet offers connection and community for busy moms through events like this, is facilitated by Lisa Carmen and sponsored by LeBallet. Stay tuned for more events and announcements!

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