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How about a complimentary session?

I am so very excited to invite you to experience and create MORE with this one “wild and precious life” you have been given.

Are you ready for MORE?

My new 90-Day “More” Private Coaching program is now available, and I’d love to offer you a taste

For a limited time, I am offering a complimentary 60-minute MORE Strategy Session, for absolutely no charge or obligation.

I want to support you on your journey, whether you hire me or not! I believe in you, I believe in this program and I know you deserve more.

Let’s work together to get crystal clear about what you want to feel, what you want MORE of, and strategize your plan to design your life as a living, vibrant reflection of your deepest desires.

You are not broken. There is nothing to fix.

What would happen if you stopped trying to become someone you aren’t, and devoted yourself to becoming MORE of who you already are?  

What if you lived your life centered and steeping in what you yourself want to be or do or have, rather than what you think you’re supposed to want or be or do or have, or what others think is best for you?

Each of us has a unique MORE-core, imprinted within us, and it isn’t that hard to figure out.  It’s rooted in how we want to feel. But it’s easy to get distracted, knocked off center, or to lose touch with our own truth.

That’s about to change.

Do you want MORE…

  • Passion?
  • Purpose?
  • Creativity?
  • Power?
  • Vibrancy & health?
  • Fun & adventure?
  • Success?
  • Love & intimacy?

What MORE is wanting to be expressed by you, through you, as you continue to evolve?In our complimentary MORE-Strategy Session…

  • We will dive in deep, excavating your deepest desires for MORE.
  • We’ll identify the challenges and self-imposed limitations that block your way, so you won’t fall prey to self-sabotage.
  • We’ll strategize a plan  you can IMMEDIATELY implement to cultivate the very experiences, feelings and things you want MORE of.

Are you ready for more? Let’s do this.

Please limit one free coaching session per six months per person. 
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