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Warning: This workshop is DANGEROUS because it will challenge what you think about yourself, your place in the world, and the way you do life. After attending this workshop, you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to resume your previously scheduled programming.
Still here? Read on…
285245_145206885559374_2406085_nWhat if you could move through life with more courage, confidence and strength, in bigger and bolder ways?
What if you stopped holding back?
What might change if you amplified your inner bad-ass, and stepped into a more powerful, electric and ignited version of yourself in the world?
What if your life became an adventure in revealing yourself, exposing your bare soul, no longer hiding in the shadows, no longer playing small?
What would you experience?311960_188711031208959_914942593_n
Are you ready to live naked?
More than ever, the world needs the truest you.
The you that refuses to shrink, hide your light or diminish your greatness.
The you that shows up for life NAKED.11188305_834572793289443_7789946075072161036_n
Living naked means being vulnerable.
Living naked means saying what needs to be said.
Living naked means owning your desires and expressing your divinity, with pure, unapologetic aplomb. (“She’s got some nerve!” Yes. She sure does.)
Strip away the layers, the veils, the masks, and find your deepest, most authentic expression, your most raw truth, your most vulnerable courage.
Join me for an afternoon of…52e28f0a41622714376b2aa9_52fe604e7cafa.3.w314
– brave and empowering movement and dance
– courageous story-telling
– spine-tingling games and experiential activities
– playful striptease for the body and soul
We will reveal our essence and undress our truth.
We will take up space.
We will make no apologies.
We will bravely expose our truest selves.
We will bare it all, risking and blowing our comfort zones to smithereens, together.
Do you dare get naked with me?
Investment: Early bird discount through 2/28 – $69.
Thereafter, $79.

Saturday 4/1, 2-6p
MoveStudio – Studio D
17062 Preston Rd. Suite 108 (at Campbell/Preston intersection)
Dallas TX 75243

Dress comfortably to move, in loose, flowy or form-fitting stretchy clothing. Bring a bottle or cup for filtered water cooler.
Note: Technically, there’s no physical nudity in this workshop. Your private parts will remain covered at all times. There are many ways to get naked. Taking off your clothes is just one of them.
Space is limited, register early.Register-Now_click_here