Sacred Ceremonies

Warning: So not your Granny’s Clergy!

Life is full of opportunities to celebrate the sacred. I love marrying people, facilitating sacred rituals and rites of passage and hosting SacredSexy events, large and small.

Turn your important transitions into holy and blessed rites of passage with a loving, soul-centered, spiritual yet non-religious, non-denominational sacred ceremony.

  • Adoption and step-family union commitment ceremonies
  • Divorce/New life ceremonies
  • Milestone event and birthday ceremonies: coming of age, 21, 30, 40, 50, etc.
  • New home/apartment blessings, send-offs, love circles,new beginning ceremonies
  • Releasing, forgiveness, closure ceremonies
  • Death/endings, loss, funeral, memorials
  • Weddings, births, vow renewals, sacred commitments, same-sex unions and more

Meaningful. Affordable. Unforgettable.

“I knew before I even asked her that Lisa would be the perfect person to lead my wedding ceremony. Boy, was I right. Throughout the entire ceremony Lisa was calm, cool, collected and present. She was the hand I was holding to keep my knees from giving out (even if only spiritually). I think my most favorite part of the ceremony was where something in the wording inspired a short rap sequence that had the whole audience giggling. It created a lightheartedness around something so ‘serious’. My only hope is that when I renew my vows in 25 years, Lisa will be able to host that ceremony too. I feel blessed to have had her at my wedding.”

Megan Monique Lewis