She lives the art form of doing that living, laughing and loving thing from the inside out… such playful invitations for all of us to open our eyes, take a deep breath and jump without looking! – Debbie B.

“Attending [the SacredSexyU retreat] gave me yet another opportunity to acknowledge the enchantress in me, to see and appreciate the vulnerabilities in other women. Lisa’s chosen activities for self-discovery caused me to experience feelings of compassion, admiration, sympathy, arousal and wonder. I’m grateful for the time, money and energy spent.”
-Cheryl Chavarria, writer


“I look forward to each class during one Lisa’s intensives. She develops thought-provoking courses designed to probe into the heart and soul of a person. Each time I participate in one of her intensives, I discover something new in myself that need attention or action, and Lisa gently follows up with insightful and helpful observations when necessary.  She provides a good balance of information given and time for sharing, and includes some beautifully led meditations. I feel safe enough in her circles to allow feelings to rise, tears to flow, and healings to occur.  Lisa is an intuitive healer and leader who creates space for transformation, and in doing so, draws magnificent women with whom to share this all.”  – Michelle S.


“Lisa is an amazing woman who is really driven to show women the kind of lives they can lead. I’m a person who needs this sort of reinforcement occasionally and I’m honored to call Lisa a friend and a mentor.”
– Jennifer Johnson, Plano’s Best-Bookkeeping & More


What you’re doing with your coaching and writing is remarkable and insightful. You… an apparent expert on the human condition. – M. Matlock


“Lisa’s authentic way of truly being herself pushes and prods me from my comfortable place into a sea of possibilities. She stokes the fire that for so long has been just embers into a quickly rising flame. She’s helped me see into the parts I’ve pushed aside for so long, now they are my focus, my goals, my dreams. She’s encouraged me to no longer be satisfied with the so-so, the easy path or standing in the background while life passes me by. Lisa is a life changer. Let her help you start changing yours. It’s time to get a little uncomfortable, that’s when the growth sets in.” – Heather C.

“I came to Lisa in a state of creative confusion, as artists are prone to experience, overwhelmed by all my passions and a bit paralyzed by fear of fully expressing these passions. Lisa helped me narrow my focus and coached me with time management. She encouraged me to start taking the essential baby steps towards living my life’s dream. It’s truly an honor to work with Lisa. You will love the experience!”
Amanda Terese Smith

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