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You’re Sexy and You Know It


“When I walk in the spot (yeah), this is what I see (ok)
Everybody stops and they staring at me
I got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it,
show it, show it, show it…

I’m sexy and I know it.”


You’ve heard the song. Maybe you’ve even sung along in  your car, or danced with friends to it. It’s goofy and it’s catchy and my goodness, is it loaded with bravado (“No shoes, no shirt, and I STILL get serviced”, for example…) But there’s something in the over-the-top arrogance that the soul recognizes. Yeah. I said soul.

Have you ever felt so sure of yourself, so attractive and on top of your game, confident and put together to the point where your body and your soul are in complete alignment, when your senses are providing a direct line to your spirit and you’re abuzz with reality? When you are sexy, and you know it?

You may have experienced it dancing, making love, climaxing alone, celebrating with friends, completing a project that turned out better than you even expected. Showing up fully for loved ones who need you. Flirting with your new crush, or your husband of 25 years.

You know the feeling.

It’s when who you are on the inside reflects who you are on the outside.

It’s when your senses are fully engaged.

It’s when your experience of yourself becomes High Definition, and the world and everything in it shines brighter for that reason.

It’s when connection, real connection- heart to heart, soul to soul connection happens.

It’s where curiosity meets longing and you’ve never felt more alive.

You’re sexy and you know it.

If you’re not experiencing this at all, or you can’t remember the last time… it may be time for a shift.

Life was meant to be savored. Life is longing to seduce you. There is so much passion, so much richness and flavor and color and texture all around, and guess what? It’s for you.  When you are engaged, fully engaged, with life and the world and yourself, you can’t help to experience a little bravado. Mixed with a tender humility, you feel WOW. You ARE wow, embodied.

Life is a passionate lover, and it matters not if you have a human lover or if you simply decide to let Life itself be your mate, with all of its surprises, seduction, romance, adventures and gifts.

Feeling sexy is your birthright.  And Life has a crush on you. Go on. Flirt.



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