Sacred, Sexy and Sick?

Ugh. How am I gonna write a SacredSexyU blog when I’m feeling neither sacred or sexy? I thought, blowing my snot-filled nose into yet another tissue…

I tried to spin it in my head, laughed to myself, when tried to reason deductively…

Well, REAL equals SEXY, right?

Isn’t that what I teach, and how I try to be?

And SICK equals REAL, right?

Soooo… SICK equals SEXY. Right? Sure!


I mean, come on, look at this shot of me in my SacredSexy-Sicky best… Hot stuff, huh?

Okay let’s get real, to say “sick is sexy” may be a snotty stretch, but the whole SacredSexy message is rooted in embracing the totality of it all... the good the bad, the sneezes, the phlegm, the yeast infections, the whiny moments, the pimples, the insecurities, along with our biggest, baddest, boldest, most amazing, beautiful selves, our most gorgeous days, our sexiest moments… that’s what comprises a life fully lived, after all.

And while I have yet to embrace my snot-filled days with wild enthusiasm, I do know that when I’m sick, I move slower, I do less, I wake up late and go to sleep early. While I may feel like crap, I lay low and snuggle deep under the covers. I make myself tea and eat dark chocolate for breakfast. I work  in my bed, if I work at all, and take nap breaks whenever the mood strikes me. I clear my calendar and light candles. Self-care is pretty sacred and sexy, I’m thinking.

And writing this blog, taking that picture… and SHARING it, pretty brave I say, and brave is sexy! (As soon as I click “Publish” I am anticipating my stomach doing a flip.)

Playfully poking fun at my own tendency to take myself too seriously? That’s sexy, too!

I’m feeling more sacred and sexy by the second here!

Let’s open our minds and our hearts around what counts as sacred and sexy. It’s not all neat and tidy, black and white.  It’s messy and gooey, and sticky and juicy, this SacredSexy life.

Yeah, I’m sick. And I’m SacredSexy.


Aw yeah, baby.



P.S. I have big news! A dear soul sister friend and former coaching client, Cheryl Chavarria, The Convivial Woman, has just published her first book. It goes on sale today! Help me in supporting Cheryl by grabbing a copy! Got mine coming!

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