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The Tyranny of Boob Padding


“Am I enough, Piggy?”

It was a sexy new little navy blue chemise and I was excited to ‘premiere’ it for my partner.  Its stretchy satiny fabric felt good on my skin, it hugged my curves in all the right places and the light padding built into the chest area made my boobs look fuller and higher.

After a few minutes of kissing and fondling, I got up to use the restroom and was startled to notice in the mirror that the pads in the chest area had become bunched and rumpled and dislodged inside of the gown and now were completely uneven and ridiculous looking! I laughed at myself, yet felt a little embarrassed. Wait! I thought. These can come out! I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped a tiny hole on the inside layer of fabric and pulled out the two strange looking pads.

Even without the padding, the nightie still provided enough support and hugged my boobs in all the right ways. I looked fine! Not just fine- I looked BETTER.

And then I had an epiphany. These pads were sending me a message. That message that we women get a thousand times a day in a thousand different ways:


The message came loud and clear, I’d been hearing it all my life!

But this time, instead of subsconsciously obeying it, I recognized it as a lie. This time, it angered me.  It pissed me off with its sneaky subtlety, something so quiet and ‘unassuming’ as breast padding in a chemise-  but still, the underlying message had attempted to taunt me with my “not-enough-ness.”

Yet, once I took the pads out, I looked and felt better.  My partner’s eyes widened when, with my more natural, unpadded look, I entered the room. And of course, I could feel his touch better without the padding. I WAS BETTER off just being me, without those stupid built-in boob pads.

I am not saying we burn our bras and stop shaving and stop caring about the way we look in an effort to celebrate our enoughness. If that’s where you’re led, awesome! For me, that’s way too extreme and I have way too much fun being girlie for that.

My invitation to SacredSexy YOU  is to simply be aware of when and how those messages sneak into your subconscious.

And some days, when you are feeling brazen enough, my hope is that you say no to the tyranny of boob pads.

I double dog dare you to grab a pair of scissors, cut out the proverbial pads in your life that lie to you and tell you that you are not enough. That your breasts are not big enough. Your legs are not smooth enough. Your face doesn’t look young enough. Your “feminine odor” is not fresh enough. (Floral scented crotchl? Really?)

Decide, just one brave moment at a time, that you are not going to be tyrannized by that message of not-enoughness.

Declare, even if just for a moment, that you ARE enough.  Because really, Goddess, you are.


new front cover TODLExcerpted from my book, Truth or Dare Living: Wild Adventures for Your Sacred, Sexy Soul. Now through the holidays, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite chapters from the book, available on, while I revive and reignite my creative fire with some much needed rest. Enjoy!

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