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This will be the year.

1531561_815368858506164_6941144674757297414_nAlmost five years ago, the idea for SacredSexyU was born, from a seed that had been gestating in me for years. I could feel it stirring. I didn’t exactly know what it would look like, or even be called, I let it sit, and grow, and stir.

And then one day, from “out of nowhere”, a woman showed up in my life, wanting to hire me to coach her into the emergence of a sexier, more luscious and sensual life. And the idea was ready to be birthed. The idea became a practice, called SacredSexyU. And the practice became a business, and a way of life. My life has never been the same.

Since that very first client, I have supported hundreds of women in their emergence. I continue to be blown away by the brazen badassery, beauty and boldness that exists in every woman. It has been my life’s passion, and my inspiration.

Very early on, when SacredSexyU was just days old, I sat down to write the SacredSexyU Manifesto. I wanted to get clear on what SacredSexyU was about. What I was about.

Comprised of ten “tenets”, each tenet serves as an article of faith, of commitment, to myself, to my best life, and my full experience in it.  I hope it does the same for you.

That Manifesto still remains a core tool for my coaching work and guidance for my life. If you don’t have yours, download it here!

Print it. Read it. Post it. Read it. Then join me for a brand new experience…

Starting next week, I’ll be diving deep into each of the tenets, one at a time, month by month. I’m not sure what’s in store, but I know it will be great. Special blogs, journaling prompts, unique tools and exercises, audios, maybe even videos… let’s see where this Manifesto Magic takes us.

I’m creating it as we go, and I think it will also be creating me.

Join me on the journey, come on, let’s go. This will be the year when we go deeper, into a love affair so beautiful, so multi-layered, so profoundly compassionate and powerful, it might change everything.

There is no cost to participate. Just keep checking your email. If you’re not subscribed, sign up here, and let’s create the very best year of our lives (so far.)

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